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Our Mission

Philadelphia Hebrew Public Charter School’s mission is to inspire and prepare its diverse student body for advanced studies through a rigorous K-8 curriculum, instruction in Modern Hebrew, and the integration of global citizenship competencies.

Our Vision

Philadelphia Hebrew Public Charter School will serve as a model of how meaningful integration in public schools can boost academic outcomes and positively develop student skills and values. Students will emerge as highly educated, globally aware, ethical citizens who are prepared with a foundation for success in high school, college, the workplace, and society.

Philadelphia Hebrew Public At a Glance

Philadelphia Hebrew Public’s Founding Coalition is applying for a charter in fall 2017. If approved, Hebrew Public will be a free, public charter open to all age- and grade-eligible students residing in Philadelphia. We aim to:

Open in

Fall 2019

serving students in kindergarten and 1st grade

Grow to include Grades


by Fall 2026

Ultimately Serve


students with three class sections in each grade

We hope the school will be located in the multi-service Falls Center campus on Henry Avenue, with a stop on both the Route R and Route 32 bus lines. Transportation will be provided for all students beginning in 1st grade. We hope your family is interested in learning more about joining this exciting community!

Hebrew Public Model

Hebrew Public’s unique model focuses on:
  • rigorous instruction in English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Modern Hebrew Language, Music, Art, and Physical Fitness
  • racial and economic diversity
  • long-term connections to post-secondary and career opportunities in Israel and with Israeli organizations
  • a commitment to global citizenship – helping students become intellectually curious, globally aware, civically engaged, and skilled in cross-cultural communication
  • immersive instruction in Modern Hebrew for part of each day

At the heart of our school’s mission is our innovative language program that supports students to become proficient in Modern Hebrew. All formal and informal communication between students and Hebrew instructors will be exclusively in Hebrew.

We use the Proficiency-based Approach, considered the gold standard in foreign language learning, to teach the Hebrew language. The Hebrew Program assists students to develop at different rates in all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  We recognize that language acquisition happens in a nonlinear way. Students can often listen to and recognize Hebrew words long before they are able to use them in their own writing or speaking.

Why Hebrew?

Today, public schools across the country offer dual language programs in a wide range of languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Greek, and Arabic. These program, which have grown largely in response to demands from local communities, are a proven way of getting students more engaged in their studies, building literacy, raising academic achievement, and preparing children to live and thrive in a global, interdependent environment. The incorporation of an intensive focus on a foreign language in a school’s curriculum supports positive evidence-based learning and developmental outcomes in students.

Want to learn more?

Check out the Hebrew Public website.

The head of Hebrew Language at Harlem Hebrew Language Academy explains Hebrew Public’s approach to teaching children a second language.

There is ample research that points to the advantages children gain when they study a foreign language — particularly if they begin at an early age — not the least of which is their development as individuals who are bilingual and bi-literate. The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) has documented that language learning

  • supports academic achievement
  • provides cognitive benefits to students
  • affects attitudes and beliefs about language learning and other cultures

I’m Interested!

Philadelphia Hebrew Public Charter School hopes to open a racially and economically diverse dual-language charter school that teaches children of all backgrounds to become global citizens. If approved, the charter school will open with Kindergarten and 1st grade in Fall 2019, and grow to a Kindergarten through 8th grade school within the first eight years. We will be located at a multiservice campus at 3300 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19129. We hope your family is interested in learning more about joining this exciting community!

Please let us know if you’d be interested in enrolling in our charter school if we are approved. We’re looking forward to keeping you updated on our progress.

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